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Beyond bitcoin: Can the blockchain power industrial IoT?

Bitcoin has become one of the most interesting technologies of the past few years. The magic behind bitcoin is powered by an equally exciting technology known as the blockchain. While the Bitcoin is certainly the most famous...

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iPad Pro vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 for business supremacy

The Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro are both high-end, sleek and powerful hybrid tablets. But when it comes time to get down to business, which device offers the functionality you need?

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Logistics company saves big by ditching Oracle support

BDP International slashed its annual Oracle database software support fees by more than half thanks to the help of a third-party vendor. It's a trend that's catching on with CIOs.

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The era of cognitive mobile and IoT is upon us

Cognitive computing is one of the most exciting developments in software technology in the past few years. Conceptually, cognitive computing focuses on enabling software models that simulate the human thought process. This article...

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5 stages of a Web app attack [Infographic]

How well do know your Web attack anatomy?

Will the European Union's new General Data Protection Regulation impact your business?  

The European Commission has approved the most stringent data privacy regulation anywhere and it is sure to impact businesses worldwide

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5 tech trends that will drive the next wave of mobile innovation in the enterprise

Innovation in the mobile space continues at a record pace and the enterprise is not the exception. In recent months, the industry has produced a series of technologies that will play an important role in the next successful generation...

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What you need to know about HaLow, or 802.11ah Wi-Fi

Here’s a primer on the new low-power 802.11ah Wi-Fi standard that’s designed to make a splash in the Internet of Things.

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Top 10 security stories of 2015

In the wake of data breaches, cyber espionage and cybercrime, organizations in 2015 gave security a higher profile than ever before.

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10 top big data and analytics stories of 2015

Data and analytics were a hot topic at in 2015. Here are the 10 most-viewed big data and analytics stories of the year.

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Top 10 Internet of Things stories of 2015

In 2015, the Internet of Things (IoT) started changing in earnest the way we live, work and play. Here are the 10 most popular IoT stories of the year.

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15 most-important Apple stories of 2015

From its odd (yet effective) social media strategy to new enterprise-friendly devices like the iPad Pro, senior writer Matt Kapko weighs in with his picks for the 15 most significant Apple stories of 2015.

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What enterprise IoT will look like in 2016

It was an interesting year for the enterprise IoT space in 2015 and 2016 promises to be even better. In 2015 we witnessed the launch of brand new IoT platforms by major software vendors and startups as well as an increasing activity...

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5 information security trends that will dominate 2016

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and collaborative with every coming year. To combat the threat in 2016, information security professionals must understand these five trends.

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You’re going to be an IoT CIO. Welcome to revenue accountability

The Internet of Things is changing both the expectations of and opportunities for CIOs. The IoT CIO can no longer operate behind the scenes supporting operations; they must step up and take accountability for revenue and business...

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Apple and IBM partnership yields 100 iOS enterprise apps

Less than a year-and-a-half after Apple and IBM teamed up to create the MobileFirst for iOS program, the tech giants have released 100 iOS apps that target 65 professions across 14 industries including healthcare, banking and travel.

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IDC: If CIOs fail to step up on digital transformation, IT won't matter

"In 2016, CIOs will face their biggest crisis in leadership as they struggle to adjust to the speed and the needs of this business transformation," says Serge Findling, Vice President of Research at IDC. Is your IT organization...

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5 reasons 2016 will be the year of the 'new IT'

Digital transformation is rewriting the rules of IT, and CIOs need to revamp their approaches if they want their companies to survive and thrive. Here are five predictions for what 2016 will bring under the 'new IT.'

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