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Mastering the subtle art of content marketing

When it comes to marketing messages, content may be king, but because great digital content doesn’t try to sell a product or service, it’s difficult to measure its impact on relationships, mindset and branding.

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Is it time for CIOs to step up and rule the digital world?

To help gain a view of the digital customer, some enterprises are expanding the C-suite to include a chief digital officer, chief data officer, chief analytics officer, chief marketing technologist, chief experience officer and the...

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Traction watch: game of drones

Drones are taking off, and with them is rising a nascent industry. Drone startups collected $108 million in VC funding in 2014, a 104 percent jump from the year before.

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Why women make better project leaders than men

A large part of successfully managing large scale projects involves assessing and mitigating risk. Studies consistently show that women are generally better at that task than men. So why then are most project leaders men?


What NOT to share on LinkedIn

LinkedIn constantly encourages its users to share more about themselves, but more isn't always best. It pays to keep in mind that posting about your personality, beliefs and hobbies can potentially hurt your career.

Why CMOs Shouldn't Rely on ROI for Everything

CMOs are increasingly being asked to ensure every dollar spent offers a clear-cut return on investment, Here’s why that approach is wrong when it comes to marketing agencies.

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Traction Watch: BetterWorks Is ramping up to get your ducks in a row

Goal-setting startup BetterWorks has increased its headcount nearly sevenfold in the past 12 months as it rolls out a better way for businesses to set and track goals for each employee.

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Etsy's $2 Billion Marketplace

Etsy's IPO filing gives us a peek at its growth metrics. We dive in to see where Etsy's growth is coming from (Hint: It is increasingly driven by sellers).

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Are Robotics Startups Gaining Traction? Affirmative

Robots are following the VC dollars. And while many funding rounds are aimed at the usual industrial automation, money is also flowing to startups developing more human-friendly robots. In 2014, VCs invested $341.3 million in robotics...

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Do Wearables Have a Play in the Enterprise?

Consumer wearables haven't exactly set the world on fire. Can wearables in the enterprise do any better?

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Ode to a Node: Sampling Technology’s Musical Side

Rather than simply being a tool for recording and playback, technology has also inspired and created original music over the years

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7 Workforce Management Trends That Will Impact IT in 2015

As businesses look to finalize their workforce management strategies for the coming year, here are the top 7 issues you'll need to consider for 2015.

2015 it workforce hiring trends

8 Key IT Hiring Trends to Watch for in 2015

Which technology skills will be in the biggest demand in 2015? talked to Foote Partners to find out what IT leaders need to be on the lookout for in the months ahead.

female leadership needed

6 Reasons Your Business Needs Female Leadership

Recent research reveals there are significant business advantages to having a woman in key leadership positions.

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9 Reasons Your Employees Are Unhappy

What's the secret to happiness in the workplace? The answer's not very surprising. Employees want to be listened to and feel that their concerns are taken seriously.

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How to Improve Employee Retention

In an improving economy, retaining talent has again become a top priority for businesses. And in the competitive world of IT, organizations that don't understand the cost of employee turnover will pay a steep price.

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5 Ways to Get Ready for Innovation in 2015

Innovation doesn't have to be confusing. Use these five techniques to prepare, and you will soon have more ideas than you can handle.

2015 IT Data Center Infrastructure Convergence Predictions

Major IT system vendors Cisco, EMC/ VCE, HP, Dell, and IBM will broaden their infrastructure portfolio to include hyper-converged solutions.

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