Real-Time Analytics Helps Virginia Credit Union Prevent Fraud

The credit union used agile development to build an analytics system to stop fraudsters who, with only a bit of personal information, can con call center workers.

Cisco, Microsoft Chasing Clouds

Companies extend data center integration work with 3 year GTM agreement

A New Dawn for System Design

Are you building business apps that employees love to use and can pick up without training? If not, you need a different kind of design team, says design consultant Harold Hambrose.

The Difference Between End of Mainstream Support and End of Extended Support

Microsoft announces end of mainstream for Windows 7, Windows 2008, and Windows 2008 R2.

Apple Doesn't Need its Own Gadgets to Dominate the Smart Home

Vendors of connected-home hardware would love to get shelf-space in Apple Stores.

How Bitcoin Can Go Mainstream

If Bitcoin is to succeed--if using the virtual currency is to be as hassle-free as handing over a portrait of a dead president in exchange for goods and services--it will require one thing: A consensual hallucination.

10 Things We Want to See in Microsoft's Surface Mini

If Microsoft indeed intends to release a shrunk-down Surface Mini this month, as an invite for a "small" Surface event suggests, merely downsizing the tablet's design to fit an 8-inch frame ain't going to cut it. Sure, the Surface Pro

How the Nokia-Microsoft Union Changes Everything

Nokia's devices are Microsoft's now. But Nokia brings a lot more to the union, including design and app smarts that Microsoft dearly needs.

Intel Plays Defense Against ARM with Cloudera Stake

Beyond selling more x86 chips, the Intel investment could be pushing Cloudera away from software development for ARM

Why the iPhone 6 Should Take a Cue From the New HTC One

You'll never get either side to admit it, but Android and iOS have learned an awful lot from each other. From the pull-down Notification Center to the fine art of inertial scrolling, the two operating systems may have different spins...

Microsoft Scrambles to Simplify its Licensing

Microsoft is pledging dramatic improvements to its notoriously complex enterprise licensing, but experts are skeptical about the potential impact of the plan.

Eight Eye-openers From's Annual Report

CRM still accounts for "substantially all" of's revenue

Trust Issue Looms Large for Tech Companies Capitalizing on Personal Data

Privacy issues may cause a stumbling block for companies capitalizing on a growing stream of user data

Microsoft Hedges on Office for iPad, Cites 'Thoughtful' Decisions

'Thoughtful' was the watchword yesterday for Tami Reller, Microsoft's chief of marketing, when she was asked how the company plans to extend its lucrative Office franchise to mobile platforms other than Windows.

The Future of Dynamics in a Nadella-led Microsoft

More acquisitions, an increased cloud push and better connections to the rest of Microsoft's products may be on tap

SAP Lays Out its Strategy for Growth, with HANA At the Forefront

The HANA in-memory computing platform will figure into everything SAP does, executives say

With Motorola Sale to Lenovo, Google is Unloading a Headache

Buying a handset maker caused tension with partners and never delivered profits, analysts say

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