The SDN network as a competitive advantage

While service providers such as AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon have long touted the capabilities of their networks, many of the large web scale providers are now openly disclosing their internally developed network designs.

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CIO Quick Takes: 3 ways to visualize IT

Communicating the effectiveness of IT projects and the value of your IT strategy can be a time-consuming and even wordy proposition. That’s why these C-level IT leaders are taking a more eye-catching approach.


At what point do white hat hackers cross the ethical line?

If the intention is pure, does that make it ok?


Container Explainer

Containers are a hot topic, but what are they exactly? To understand what application container technology is, it’s helpful to look at how companies have hosted applications on servers in the past and how containers are bringing...

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DCHQ Releases Docker management product into GA with 35 enterprise users

Who said that startups are all about marketing and buzz and can't expect to actually have customers using their products? DCHQ pours scorn on that view with a product launch that already claims enterprise users.

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FIRST LOOK: LibreOffice 5.0 free and open source suite

The latest major release of LibreOffice FOSS package brings a streamlined look, bug fixes, performance tweaks and a lot of new cross-compatibility.

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Technology, the law, and you: BYOD

Companies are getting a lot more cautious about BYOD – and legal implications might be part of the reason why.

mobile payments

How big banks use tech to attract savvy consumers

Large, established banks and financial institutions are moving away from physical branch locations and toward technologies such as mobile payments, wearables, social media and gamification to enable remote interactions.


iPhone 7 rumor rollup: Apple’s going to build a bazillion iPhones, but how many will be bought?

This week, you can almost hear the production lines spinning into action in China, churning out iPhone-related rumors and titillation. Here’s the past few days’ worth of innuendo and intrigue about Apple’s next-generation device.

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SDN: The emerging reality

Network World analyzes key developments and gauge where organizations stand today in their SDN planning.

Silicon Valley

Tech Media Watch: HBO’s “Silicon Valley” set to wrap 2nd season – it won’t be “Game Of Thrones”-esque but it’ll do

The far-and-away best satire of the technology industry on TV airs the last episode of its second season Sunday night, and you really should be watching.

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Office 365 vs. Google for Work: A cloud comparison for small businesses

Microsoft and Google offer low-cost cloud tools for small- and medium-size businesses, but each of their offerings has unique strengths and weaknesses. Here's a high-level comparison of Office 365 and Google for Work, specifically for...

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10 highest-paying IT security jobs

High-profile security breaches, data loss and the need for companies to safeguard themselves against attacks is driving salaries for IT security specialists through the roof. Here are the 10 highest-paying security roles.

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Trip report from the 2015 ITFMA conference

There is a cadre of IT practitioners with the souls of money managers. These are the beleaguered people that manage the messy business of IT. I recently addressed a conference of these folks, and this is my trip report.

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My own personal Comcast customer service horror story (updated)

This Comcast customer service nightmare demonstrates how a general lack of competition in the broadband market lets the notorious cable giant repeatedly get away with atrocious service.

The ENIAC Computer

Innovation lessons from the first computers

You can learn innovation lessons from the pioneers of computing. Hint: It takes vision and project management skills to achieve success.

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What if Windows went open source tomorrow?

Thinking out loud about Microsoft making Windows an open source project is a great way to get your friends and colleagues wondering seriously about your mental health.

Collaboration companies argue their case at Demo Traction

The recent event gave up and coming companies four minutes to explain why they matter, followed by Q&A with judges.

Big data companies argue their case at Demo Traction

The recent event gave up and coming companies four minutes to explain why they matter, followed by Q&A with judges.

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