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graduation cap with diploma stacked on books

What level of education do you need for a successful marketing career?

Most marketers aren’t going to make it big in the field without a solid education.

csuite tension

Target’s CDO departure underscores C-suite tensions

The removal of Target’s chief digital officer after only four months suggests that integrating new members into the C-suite can be a challenging, contentious enterprise.

google brain

I’ll have what she’s having… Tech design that leads to 'positive' addictions at work

Successful gaming apps appeal to neurotransmitters in our brains that make us feel happy and connected -- and make us want to come back for more. It’s possible to design to business applications and activities that have the same...

How to shield your company from cyber enforcement

Regulators and regulations are getting more stringent. You need a living, breathing and constantly evolving governance framework, but insurance is also critical

Mike Walsh CIO 100

Designing a 21st century business? Ask an 8-year-old

Retooling your business for the future requires a culture shift. Watch how children interact with technology and you’ll understand futurist Mike Walsh’s vision.


Designing your business for the 21st century

“Most companies are simply not designed to survive. They become successful on the basis of one big idea or breakthrough product,” says CEO Mike Walsh of Tomorrow, a global consultancy that helps design 21st century businesses. The...

How to wrangle meaning from Internet of Things data

Without careful forethought, you will miss out on critical new insights

We don't need more InfoSec analysts: We need analysts to train AI infrastructures to detect attacks

Addressing the skills shortage with virtual analysts

bots in enterprise

Why bots are poised to disrupt the enterprise

Companies are saving money and achieving better customer service by using software agents to automate core transactions. Cognitive technologies will eventually accelerate such projects.

80211ad questions

FAQ: What is 802.11ad wireless technology?

Here are the broad strokes about 802.11ad, the wireless technology that’s just starting to hit the market.

The next target for phishing and fraud: ChatOps

Cloud-based chat systems introduce a unique set of requirements given the breadth and depth of access to potentially sensitive data

021 redhat

Red Hat expected to rake in $2.4 billion in revenue this year

Subscriptions remain the primary money earner for this open source company.

Vernon Turner, IDC

If you're not planning for IoT, you're already behind

Think your industry or your business won't be impacted by the internet of things? Consider this your wakeup call.

iphone7 tim cook

Apple chief says AR will trump VR in commercial scenarios

Apple's Tim Cook suggests that the company is currently exploring augmented reality rather than virtual reality. However, despite the success of Pokemon Go both technologies remain stronger in the enterprise.

Continuous Authentication: The future of Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Face it, people share devices and Web applications, so the key is to identify users by their ongoing actions  

linkedin hq photo from linkedin

Case study: How LinkedIn uses containers to run its professional network

LinkedIn has grown over the past 13 years from a single Java app with a web server into a $26.2 billion acquisition target by Microsoft. In that time, LinkedIn’s infrastructure and engineering had to grow with the company. Here’s how...

cyberwar thinkstock

Government ill-equipped to thwart cyberwarfare

The U.S. infrastructure is outdated and vulnerable to cyberattacks. If government reaction doesn’t improve the country electrical could be crippled.

silhouettes of people in line to vote 86806388

Election exploits: What you need to know [infographic]

In June and August, voter registration databases in Illinois and Arizona were breached. This infographic offers an overview of the breaches, including how the attackers got in and what they stole.

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