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Category 8 cable will play a major role in 25G and 40G data center Ethernet

How the TIA and IEC committees created new standards for Category 8 cable testing devices

5g faq

What we talk about when we talk about 5G wireless

An FAQ on the next big thing in wireless technology: 5G.


2016 – the year 5G wireless testing really took off

The concept of 5G wireless has been around for a long time, but only recently have meaningful moves taken place to bring the new technology to customers.

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Server-based open networking taxes the CPU, so offload to an intelligent server adapter

ISAs can boost performance 5X and free up as many as 11 CPU cores from network-related processing, enabling greater VM scalability and lower costs

industrial iot

GE wants Predix to be the Windows of industrial IoT

GE yesterday launched new applications and partnerships based on its analytics software, which it says helps companies anticipate when critical machines will fail.

virtual reality

New tech jobs in top demand in 2017

Virtual reality, augmented reality and cognitive computing engineers head the list

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Why Slack should worry about Facebook, Microsoft and Google

The market for enterprise messaging and collaboration apps is bigger and more crowded than ever before. Experts tell why the market is bustling now, where it’s heading and why Slack now faces stiff competition.


What you need to know about microservices

Microservices and container-based applications are becoming ever more popular. Why? And what does the emergence of these trends mean for your shop? This primer explains what microservices are, why your app-dev teams want to use them...

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Aon beefs up its cyber insurance portfolio with acquisition

The risk management firm has acquired Stroz Friedberg, which AON says will help it better meet clients’ requirements for managing their responses to cyberattacks.


Beware dodgy data analysis

Applying data analysis in absence of deep understanding of your business can have disastrous results.

Securing the cloud endpoint

For cloud’s sake, let’s reduce our security dependence on browsers

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How API adoption can boost annual profits

Boston University professors have quantified the value of APIs, the software fueling digital platforms for the likes of Apple, Facebook, Google, Uber and Airbnb. However, few companies recognize the value of APIs.

blockchain bitcoin

Why Blockchain’s growing pains will be worth it

Experts say blockchain has a bright future, much like the optimistic predictions the industry had for the cloud 10 years ago.

iot threats

Why IoT devices are the 'unusual suspects' in DDOS attacks

While CIOs have shored up PCs and software systems for years, they should start to look at video conferencing systems, webcams and other inconspicuous network devices, which can be exploited to trigger devastating DDOS attacks.

Lessons learned from the DYN attack

The large scale DDoS attack on DYN last week interrupted access to many major web sites, and while the specifics of the attack have been widely analyzed, here are the important lessons learned

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How much does 'Free Wi-Fi' cost your business?

Wi-Fi is often difficult to use, which kills productivity on the road, and it costs businesses nearly $3 billion a year.

cloud map

What’s behind Amazon, Microsoft and Google’s aggressive cloud expansions

In the first week of October, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform all announced plans to build out new regions for their IaaS cloud operations. The new regions add to an already impressive roster of data...


How to avoid being the next Yahoo

It’s no longer about whether or not you’ll get attacked, it’s about knowing what the repercussions are and if you have the right controls to minimize or completely eliminate the fallout. In order to be able to do this effectively, you...

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