Lax Laptop Security Can Be Dangerous...and Expensive

Survey suggests travelers need to do more to lock down their laptops.

Mon, November 12, 2007

CIO — Most travelers carry little of value on their laptops, but those who do carry valuable information store an average of $525,000 worth of sensitive data, according to a recent survey.

The survey also found:

  • The average value of personal information on travelers’ laptop computers is $330,000.

  • 39 percent of respondents have experienced some form of computer malware, virus or theft.

  • Only 32 percent of respondents said the Wi-Fi connections they employ to access the Internet in hotels or conference centers are “somewhat” or “highly secure.”

  • The survey was conducted by iBahn, a provider of secure broadband services to hotels and conference centers. It included 491 participants, all laptop or PDA users who stay in a hotel at least one night a month.

    And not, apparently, sleeping all that well.

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