Best BlackBerry Shortcuts: Aflac's Mobile Guru Shares Tips

Aflac's BlackBerry guru shares power tips and tricks for your RIM smartphone. Here's how to improve your typing, messaging, browsing, attachment handling and more.

Tue, January 22, 2008
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BlackBerry Browser

1) Bring up the Enter Web Address field from any Web page by pressing the G key.

2) Insert a period in Web address by clicking the Space key.

3) Insert a back slash in Web address by clicking either the Left Shift or Right Shift keys and then hitting Space.

4) Add an item to bookmarks list by clicking the A key.

5) Bring up your bookmark list by clicking the K key.

6) Refresh a Web page by clicking the R key.

7) Display a list of the last 20 pages visited by hitting the I key.

8) Open browser options with the O key.

Back to Basics: Starts and Stops

1) To put device into Standby Mode so keys cannot be pressed while it's not in use, hold down the Mute key for a second or two. Undo Standby Mode by holding Mute for another couple of seconds.

2) If BlackBerry slows down, starts malfunctioning or freezing, always try removing the battery and SIM card--if the device has one--and waiting a few seconds before reinserting it. Ninety-five percent of the issues Aflac BlackBerry users experience are resolved by simply removing the battery, according to Genet.

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