CIO Ones to Watch: Honorees - 20 Leaders to Watch

By compiled Katherine Walsh
Sat, July 01, 2006


Simon Benzekri, 38

Manager of Information Services

Penson Financial Services Canada

“IT has the potential to regularly reward firms that deliver true business value from focused innovation.”

Rick Broughton, 40

Director, IT Strategy

Dunkin Brands

“My mentors have taught me that it’s not as important to be the smartest one in the room as it is to be capable of leading the smartest ones into the room.”

Matt Coose, 36

Director, Engineering and PMO

Department of Homeland Security

“IT can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our efforts to create a safe, secure and ¿prepared nation.”

Cigdem Delano, 44

Deputy Executive Director

Georgia Technology Authority

“My mentor taught me to trust my instincts and to stay attuned to the details of my business—no matter my position.”

Russell Douglas, 46

Director, Integration and Operations

Aviall Services

“Technology is a paradox. The more you learn, the less you realize you know. That ¿paradox has existed for me since I’ve been in computing.”

Michael Fuqua, 46

Senior VP, Strategic Development

Global Crossing

“IT has a direct impact on the dynamics of a business and a bottom-line impact on ¿operational efficiencies and ¿revenue creation.”

Gina Garza, 51

Deputy Associate CIO, Business Integration


“When I get to see the business transformed through IT, I know that I’ve made things better for employees and our customers.”

Dean Hall, 45

Project Management Executive


“IT has the potential to be used for extreme good or evil. Our duty is to enable the former and defend against the latter.”

Tyrone Howard, 36

Project Management Office Manager

City of Chandler, Ariz.

“IT has an unlimited impact on our lives. The exciting part about it is we have only scratched the surface: business, learning, ¿recreation and, just as important, ideas and ¿imagination.”

Tom Lindblom, 46

VP and CTO

CKE Restaurants

“I love IT because we provide tools and actionable information that enable outstanding customer service and financial results.”

Larry Markson, 45

Director of Clinical Applications

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

“By giving providers a level of information and decision support that was previously unimaginable, IT can transform patient care.”

Chase McCarthy, 43

Manager, Group Internal Information Systems, Madrid

Amadeus IT Group SA

“IT has the potential to change tomorrow.”

Pablo Molina, 37

Campus CIO

Georgetown University Law Center

“Technology can reduce the digital divide among educational institutions and students in ¿different parts of the world.”

Craig Page, 49

Senior VP, Enterprise Data Center

First Data Corp.

“People and technology come together through IT. Without both, the future would be bleak; together, the future is very bright.”

Jim Preston, 41

Deputy CIO, BT Retail

BT Group

“IT is dynamic, challenging and has the power to engender true teamwork across an entire business to deliver customer success.”

Tonya Ruscoe, 41

Deputy CIO

Holiday Retirement Corp.

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