Wearable Computers: The Next Generation

Computing devices you can wear are still in their infancy, but a host of clever new designs are in the works. Get a peek at the brave new world of wearable computers, from sensor-laden surgical gloves to workout clothes that monitor your moves.
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Credit: Under Armour, Google, Sam Ogden, Todd Coleman, John Rogers, Adafruit Industries, Microsoft Research

Think your desktop, notebook or mobile phone is the utmost in personal computing? Soon you could be wearing your digital electronics -- from shoes that can guide you to your destination to electronic tattoos that monitor physiological conditions.

While there are several wearable computing products already available, they are just the tip of the technological iceberg. Dozens of new designs are popping up that take these ideas to a new level. There's no saying if or when the devices that follow will be developed into commercial products, but all are working prototypes that show what's possible -- and some you can make yourself today. Think of this as a virtual fashion show for the near future.

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