8 Books Every IT Leader Should Read This Year

IT leadership is equal parts 'IT' and 'leadership.' You probably know IT well. For help with leadership, these eight books offer a great start.
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What you know often dictates what you do. That's particularly true when it comes to IT leadership. Without clear knowledge of how the latest encryption technologies can help your company withstand a hacker attack, a CIO can't prepare for the worst. When handling employee performance issues across an entire department, knowing the latest strategies can help improve employee retention.

What you know about leadership can help you act in a way that pushes a company forward, too. These recently released and upcoming books can help CIOs learn new business strategies and develop executive-level skills. They're the best of the best.

John Brandon is a former IT manager at a Fortune 100 company who now writes about technology. Follow him on Twitter @jmbrandonbb.

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