20 Tortures Developers Love to Hate

From switching frameworks to turning 23 years old, developers suffer mightily in hopes of the momentary rush that comes from a beautiful algorithm in a few lines of code.
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Credit: Ben Barbante

No pain, no gain: 20 tortures developers love to hate

Beach attendants get paid to rent chairs while relaxing in the sun. Ski bums work a lift for a few hours before shredding the mountain the rest of the day. Even teachers take summers off. But you're a developer, mastering code in a sunless, airless cubicle for days on end.

No one understands the masochism of programming. But then they don’t know the pleasure of building a Web app that juggles millions of connections and backs everything up in three disk farms across the globe. They don’t get the rush that comes from writing a beautiful algorithm in just a few lines of code.

But those moments are insanely rare. Here are 20 hassles and pure tortures we developers endure in pursuit of momentary magnificence.

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