Mobile Health Apps and Gadgets for Better (and Longer) Living

Technology is increasingly making it easier for you to track physical activity (exercise) and inactivity (sleep), all in the name of helping you live a healthier lifestyle. These gadgets will help you track your progress--and maybe motivate your friends and family to do the same.
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A growing number of gadgets promote greater physical activity, better sleep, reduced stress and nutritious eating, all in the name of living a healthy lifestyle. Many gadgets have spurred the self-monitoring movement that some have described as the Quantified Self (QS). Here people track and measure metrics such as foods consumed, activities completed and calories burned, then share this information online to build accountability, support and healthy competition. Whether you're a QS fanatic or a casual user, you'll see that these digital tools can motivate you to improve your health.

About the author: Dr. Joseph Kim is the president of MCM Education, a publishing company that provides continuing education for physicians, nurses and pharmacists, and the founder of, and

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