Videoconferencing in Action: From Skype to 3D Holograms

Video conferencing can be anything from a Skype session between a mother and daughter to 3D holograms of people across the world appearing as if they are standing next to you. Here's a look at the vast and various ways videoconferencing and telepresence are transforming how we communicate.
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Videoconferencing Continues to Evolve

Videoconferencing and telepresence have come a long way in the last few years. Skype brought most consumers to video conferencing with its free, easy-to-use video chat service. In the enterprise, employees communicate with far-flung colleagues using robust products from the likes of Cisco and Microsoft. Videoconferencing is now common on tablets and smartphones with Apple Facetime and other mobile video call apps. But that's just the beginning: Videoconferencing has also extended to boardroom style video calls connecting large groups, remote doctor-patient care, virtual field trips for students and even 3D holograms.

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