11 Great Geek Birthday Cakes

Why be boring? When it's time to celebrate, let the fondant fly.

Some of us glory in our geekiness. It's not something to be ashamed of – we’re techies and we’re proud of it!

So when it’s time to celebrate… why be boring? This is an opportunity to show off our passions, from computer tech to science fiction. Grab a fork and dive in.

Calling Dr. Sweet Tooth

Cakes are mobile-OS agnostic. You can find a cake for just about every mobile device you prefer, from iOS cupcakes to Blackberry.

And by “layer cake” we mean, “wiring diagram”

To some of us, “layer cake” is all about the chocolate, cherries, and Kirschwasser filling in a Black Forest Cake (my favorite). To others, it means, “the 7 network layers of the OSI model.” Or… it could mean both, as the cake decorator site CakesDecor makes deliciously obvious.

A code cake… is this standards-compliant? Or at least chocolate?

The simplest geek cake, is, of course, the command line. Or, failing that, compilable-code or XML. If it’s malformed, though, the cake may not taste right.

Your cake is temporarily unavailable

It’s probably better to have a Twitter Fail Whale cake than hash tags like #HappyBirthday, isn’t it?

This cake may give you a set-bonus. Or at least more experience points.

Do you have your barbarian equipped appropriately to attack this birthday cake with a Diablo III theme? It comes from Swedish cake-maker Vicki Bakes who might not know how to get past the second act of the online game, but sure knows how to capture its mood.

I’ll attack that dragon with…. a cake knife.

What self-respecting geek did not at least flirt with Dungeons and Dragons? Or read science fiction in which dragons feature prominently? Of the many dragon-themed birthday cakes, we’re a bit jealous that we weren’t invited to this birthday party where the piece de resistance – depending on whom you’re resisting – came from Mike’s Amazing Cakes in Redmond, WA. Roll 2d20 for a save from attack-by-frosting.

A birthday cake with a magnetic field generator

You’ll like this cake just for its Iron Man theme, but you’ll like it even more for its steampunk mood. Steampunk is a subgenre of speculative fiction, usually set in an anachronistic Victorian or quasi-Victorian alternate history setting. Which is to say, it’s retro-technology for people who cannot resist technology. (That’s all of us, right?)

This Steampunk Iron Man Cake comes from Delectable Cakes. Be sure to look at the company’s page, which has lots more detailed images of this marvelous confection.

Cake. The final frontier.

Crazy Cakes specializes in, well, the unusual. Which seems more-than-usual to us nerds. Because these are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise, and we’re ready to use a transporter beam to get to wherever they’re serving this dessert.

EXTERMINATE. EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!!! (and give me another slice)

No self-respecting geek can resist Dr. Who – or bothers to try. You can find plenty of Tardis cakes – and like mobile phones their decoration is mainly frosting artistry. With a Tardis cake, though, can you make more cake fit into the space than would appear from outside?

One cake to bind them

Not every geek cake is media-related. Most of us read, too. For example, consider a Narnia birthday cake. Or a cake inspired by Lord of the Rings, such as this one. It might be just a little too cute, though, because one does not simply cut-the-cake into Mordor.

May the fondant be with you

Finally, the quintessential techie birthday cake: Star Wars. There are plenty of birthday cakes inspired by the Star Wars movies, but my favorite is this one, a sculpted R2-D2 who looks ready to trust a strange computer. (Though I'm not sure how you cut off a slice without the cake falling over....)