8 Must-See Microsoft Surface Tablet Videos

From drop tests to protests at launch events, the Internet has been watching Microsoft Surface closely.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro

With the launch of Microsoft’s Surface Pro ultrabook scheduled for Feb. 9 Microsoft will finally have both of its compact hardware options for Windows 8 in stores. Anticipation of the devices has prompted discussion and a wealth of videos for months now. Here is a selection of just a few that fall outside the traditional promotional and review categories but are nonetheless worth a look if only for a chuckle.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro

Surface demo fail

Former Surface Chief Steven Sinofsky tries to demo the Surface RT but it conks out. He soldiers on, trying to get the thing to unfreeze, repeatedly pressing the Windows button on the lower bezel edge to no effect. Eventually he scurries behind the counter and grabs a backup.

Surface tablet failure in 10 seconds

That was embarrassing enough, but at least this didn’t happen.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro

Surface launch is too noisy

At a Surface kickoff event staged by Microsoft, a grandmother barged onstage to try to halt the noisy affair because it was keeping her grandchildren awake. She even breaks free from two security guards to try to shut down the show. (Note how one trouper gets bumped but keeps on dancing.)

Microsoft’s Surface Pro

Surface vs. iPad

Does Microsoft Surface compete with the iPad? If it’s the Surface RT the answer is yes. Check out this video interweaving Microsoft’s marketing speak with Apple’s and it’s pretty much undeniable. Don’t be scared away by the text written in German, which reads, “Microsoft steals from Apple again even the presentation.”

Microsoft’s Surface Pro

Surface vs iPad Mini

Remember the Apple commercial comparing its iPad to the iPad Mini? Here’s an unofficial alternative that compares the iPad Mini to the Surface in which the Surface doesn’t fare well.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro

Surface vs the maxi pad

Here’s CNN anchor Erin Burnett describing how Surface is designed to compete against the iPad only she doesn’t say iPad.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro

Surface vs dual machine guns

Just in case it ever comes up, here’s how a Surface stands up when fired upon by two machine guns.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro

Microsoft drop test

Here’s the head of Microsoft ‘s Surface team, Panos Panay, dropping a Surface tablet during the product launch. He drops it from shoulder height and says it keeps working, although you can’t really tell. Great, right?

Independent drop test

Here’s a Surface tablet being dropped at various angles from four feet onto a concrete sidewalk. The results vary from the Microsoft drop test.