10 Key Windows 8 Features for Healthcare Professionals

From improved security and administration to better tablet battery life, there's a lot to like in Windows 8 for healthcare organizations.
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Doctors and nurses depend on mobile computing devices every day. Whether they're standing by the patient's bedside or typing away in their office, clinicians need to enter and access patient data to make appropriate treatment decisions. Windows 8 mobile devices make it easier than ever for busy clinicians to stay productive in the healthcare environment. Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Enterprise offer 10 features that are especially relevant for clinicians who need to maximize productivity while protecting sensitive patient data.

Dr. Joseph Kim is the president of MCM Education, a publishing company that provides continuing education for physicians, nurses and pharmacists, and the founder of MedicineandTechnology.com, MedicalSmartphones.com and MobileHealthComputing.com.

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