Best Tech Careers for Introverted IT Pros

Being an introvert isn't easy in the constantly evolving and networked world of technology. The banter that comes so easy to some is a mystery to the shy. Those who are able to 'fake it' spend a great deal of time recharging their batteries after social interactions. That said, don't let the fact that you're an introvert stop you from achieving your career goals. Here are some tech jobs that are a natural fit.
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While they can seem challenging to find, there are careers that are suited towards your reserved personality. "Careers focus on combinations of data, people and things. The strategy for avoiding constant workplace interaction with people is to pursue a career that centers more on data and things," says Laurence Shatkin, author of 50 Best Jobs for Your Personality. Shatkin identifies IT roles that fall within that sweet spot- jobs do require human interaction and teamwork but they also offer plenty of solitary work to help you recharge your 'social' batteries.

"The name information technology indicates that it's primarily about data. And it's to the advantage of introverts that this field is expected to offer many job opportunities for the foreseeable future,"  says Shatkin.

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