10 Star Trek Technologies That are Almost Here

Warp drives, teleporters, helpful holograms -- the new frontier is a lot closer than you might think.
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Credit: Star Trek logo: Wikimedia Commons / Niusereset | Image: Deviant Art / 878952

She's gonna blow! Ten Star Trek technologies that are almost here

The 23rd century may seem a long way off, but you'd be surprised by how much of the future predicted by Star Trek is already here. We've got handheld communicators (smartphones), sassy voice-driven computers (Siri), Geordi La Forge-like vision (Google Glass), and at least 4.5 billion Earth-like planets to choose from. (Whether any of them contain green-skinned alien babes in gold bikinis is still to be determined.) As for warp drives, transporters, phasers, and the rest? It will be here sooner than you think. Join us as we boldly go on a tour of Trek tech.

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