Rest, Relaxation and Refactoring: 11 Great Places for a Coding Vacation

If you're planning a getaway to focus on doing some serious coding, you could do a lot worse than these locations.
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Credit: flickr/Colin and Sarah Northway

So, you love to program and you want to get away from everything for a week or two (or longer) to focus on finishing coding that app/software/website you’ve been noodling on? The ideal coding vacation varies from programmer to programmer, but usually involves some mix of an interesting location, comfortable accommodations, phone and Internet access, good food, fun activities for when you need a break and, of course, peace and quiet. People who really want to minimize distractions may prefer places with few activities (and other people) and little or no Internet or phone access. Based partially on the input from programmers in several discussion forums, here are 11 places to go for a quality coding vacation.

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