10 Eclipse Projects That Have Made Waves in IT

Happy 10th anniversary to the open source foundation that has made millions of developers more productive.
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10 Eclipse projects that have made waves in IT

February marks the 10th anniversary of the Eclipse Foundation, an open source organization responsible for several key developer technologies, including the popular Eclipse Java IDE and the Mylyn task-focused interface. 

Spun out of IBM, the Eclipse Foundation has launched and guided several projects that have been downloaded millions of times and have served as the basis for numerous commercial products. The foundation started with 19 projects when it first formed; it now houses 247 projects as of early February.

Each year, the Eclipse Foundation puts out a “release train” of multiple projects and updates on the same day. Companies like Oracle, Google, and SAP have participated in Eclipse, along with IBM. Here are 10 key Eclipse projects that have made waves in IT.

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