First Look at BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES)10

BlackBerry recently launched the BlackBerry 10 OS, though much attention was focused on phones running the new OS, the company's new management platform called BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES 10) deserves some attention.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is BlackBerry’s new mobile device management platform, designed to provide management, security, unified communications and application management for BlackBerry, Apple and Android devices.

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BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

Smooth management console

The BlackBerry Device Service console includes a left navigation section and options to configure users, policies, and applications installed on devices.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

Improved UI on home screen

The home screen of the administration console for the BlackBerry Device Service includes a left navigation section and a quick access menu.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

Powerful admin tools

The user details screen on the BlackBerry Management Studio administration console lets IT staff view the devices currently assigned to a user and the administrative tasks they can perform for each device.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

Streamlined interface

BlackBerry Management Studio provides a streamlined interface to find users and perform many day-to-day tasks, such as applying IT policies to groups.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

Drag and drop functionality

The administration console on the Universal Device Service employs drag-and-drop functionality to assign groups, IT policies, software configurations, and profiles to user accounts.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

Personal space

Balance, which is integral to the new BlackBerry 10 OS, gives users complete freedom over their personal applications – and is an important differentiator for BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

Work space

BES 10 automatically creates a work domain on BB 10 devices, allowing policies that protect enterprise access, data, and applications.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

BlackBerry World for Work

The corporate app storefront – BlackBerry World for Work – gives employees an easy way to install internally developed or approved public applications on the work side of their BB 10 device.

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