10 Ways Google Has Failed With Google+

Google+ was a late but welcomed arrival to social media scene about three years ago. However, Google's answer to Facebook has failed to provide real competition. Here's a look at 10 ways the search engine king as fallen down with Google+.
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Although it arrived late to the social media race following failed attempts with Wave and Buzz, Google+ had a lot in its favor when it was released in June 2011. Negative public perceptions of Facebook were rising as the company regularly changed and reset user privacy controls. There was a need for an alternative to Facebook in the summer of 2011. And so entered Google+, first as an invite-only service but soon it became the umbrella that most, if not all, of Google's products and platforms would fall under. That decision turned out to be one of many that continue to cause problems for the future of Google's massive bet on social. These are the 10 missteps that Google has made with Google+.

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