The Top 10 Cities for Technology Careers

Is your particular skill-set saturated in your current location? Are you thinking about taking your tech talents to a new locale, possibly one with more IT career opportunities? If so, here are some cities you may want to consider before choosing a new home.
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The Cities that Offer IT Professionals the Most Bang for the Buck

What makes a city one of the best in regards to technology careers? A couple key factors quickly bubble to the top including: how much does the average IT worker make in that city; how many opportunities are there; and what is the cost of living? On first glance, that great tech job out in LA or NYC might pay you more than your current position, but after you factor in the cost of living, it quickly becomes obvious that all things are not equal.

So come along for this country-wide tour of the U.S. as countdowns what, according to Dice data, are the best U.S. cities for IT jobs.

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