12 Things to Love and Hate About Google Glass

CIO.com contributor James A. Martin wore Google's mobile computing device off and on for six weeks. Here's what he loved and hated about the Google Glass experience.
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Credit: Tedeytan/flickr

Glass, Google's head-mounted mobile computing device, is still available only to early adopters, or "Explorers," willing to pay $1,500 for hardware not yet ready for prime time. While the world waits to see how a commercial version of Glass will look and feel, the device already elicits strong reactions — from curiosity to privacy concerns to downright disgust.

After writing blog posts and articles about Glass, I finally tried it. Six weeks later, here are the top 12 Google Glass feature I love or hate (and sometimes both). Some you might expect; others might surprise you.

James A. Martin writes the CIO.com Martin on Mobile Apps blog. Follow him on Twitter @james_a_martin and on Google+.

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