7 Geek Chic Fashion Gifts for Mother's Day

Nothing says 'thanks, Mom!' like gloves, scarves, and dresses designed with gadget use in mind.


7 geek chic fashion gifts for Mother’s Day

Some families show Mom appreciation with flowers, others with chocolate, but the truly thankful recognize that what Mom really wants for Mother's Day is gear that helps her carry and use her everyday tech gadgets without looking like Locutus of Borg.

Just in time for Mother's Day, here are a few standout 21st century wardrobe staples that marry chic with geek.

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The North Face Women's ETIP gloves

Gloves in May? Tell Mom you're following her lead and planning ahead for winter. The North Face Women's ETIP gloves feature pads on the index finger and thumb, thus eliminating the "Answer my kid's text or get frostbite?" dilemma.

Peepsnake iPhone scarf

"Stay warm, connected and phone-butt free," promises Peepsnake, makers of a scarf with a streamlined pocket for carrying and using an iPhone.


Pulling up one's hem to grab for the gun strapped to your leg is so 20th century. If the mom-figure in your life plans on aging gracefully into Helen Mirren's character from "RED," show her you believe in her dreams and bring her into this century by giving her the PortaPocket to stash her concealed weapon of choice, her smartphone.

(It also comes with a Bling! version for the bride who wants to take her smartphone down the aisle and can't abide the thought of her phone holder not matching her dress.)

Hoodie Buddie

Earbud snarls are never stylish. The Hoodie Buddie eliminates those by replacing the jacket's drawstrings with earbuds and providing a headphone jack inside the pocket to connect your phone or MP3 player. Bonus: The Hoodie Buddie is machine-washable.

Nicole Kelner SmartWristlet

Nobody likes having a giant, phone-shaped square in their pants pocket, but digging through one's purse for the phone is equally inconvenient. The SmartWristlet from designer Nicole Kelner offers a transparently obvious alternative: a purse with a clear pocket that contains the phone, yet lets Mom manage her email and see who's texted with the latest excuse for missing curfew.

Nicole Kelner offers additional tech-forward fashion options at her Etsy store and will be offering phone-friendly SmartPurses at Nicole Kelner Designs.

Scottevest Women’s Trench

Update the classic, iconic trench by getting one with 18 discrete, discreet pockets for carrying everything from Mom's phone to her e-reader to her tablet. Scottevest also offers flowing cardigans, dresses and other jackets, all of which are designed to tote your gizmos without being showy about it.

iClothing’s Little Black Dress

Little black dresses are commonly referred to as the multitaskers of the wardrobe. This one from iClothing is no exception. It's a dress! It's an iPad carrying case! It's a dress and an iPad carrying case!