14 Must-See Social Media Marketing Success Stories

How do you break through all the noise on social media sites? Here are 14 creative, timely and, in some cases, crazy, examples of how organizations achieved social media success.
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What makes a social media campaign successful in 2014? It's often about seizing the moment on Twitter (Arby's). It can help to use emerging social media networks such as Snapchat in clever ways (Audi). You could drop someone off in Istanbul with no way to get home (Skype) or surprise customers with Christmas gifts (WestJet).

The following slides highlight 14 of the best social media marketing campaigns we've seen since we published our last roundup in August 2013: "12 Buzz-Worthy Social Media Success Stories." None of our expert judges were involved in the campaigns; the judges simply expressed admiration for their creativity and effectiveness. (Note: Don't miss the final slide, which features our Social Media Campaign of the Year.)

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