Hidden in Plain Sight: Tricky Ways to Make Industrial Infrastructure Vanish

We love technology, but it turns out we don't really like looking at it very much. Find out some of the clever ways we can make tech in public spaces vanish.
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Credit: U.S. Army via Twisted Sifter

During World War II, the most important technological infrastructure was composed of the factories that produced the weapons and vehicles used by the belligerent powers. To prevent those factories from being destroyed by enemy action, ingenious camouflage was deployed to make them invisible from the air; the United States enlisted Hollywood set designers to create entire fake towns that covered the factories.

Today, tech infrastructure is hidden for a different reason: Though our modern society depends on power lines, railroads, and wireless data broadcasts, our sense of aesthetics tends to recoil when the stuff is built near our homes. That's why we've developed a number of ingenious ways to hide this vital (but ugly) tech from sight.

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