Hot New Products From Amazon's Cloud Show

Amazon's re:Invent conference is a hot place to show off the latest and greatest tools for the cloud.

Amazon’s cloud gets bigger
Amazon’s cloud gets bigger

As the market-leading cloud computing provider, a lot of other companies want to latch on to Amazon Web Services’ success. Amazon has a broad network of partners that offer tools to help users optimize their AWS cloud usage, or provide products and services on top of AWS infrastructure. Here are some of the latest products to hit the market.

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Attunity CloudBeam 2.0

Product name: Attunity CloudBeam 2.0

Pricing: Attunity CloudBeam for Amazon S3 is a service offered as a subscription, with pricing starting at  less than $100. 

Attunity CloudBeam for Amazon Redshift is a service offered as a subscription, starting at less than $1,000.

Key features: Managed data delivery service for AWS now includes accelerated transfer to Amazon RDS, S3 & Redshift in all regions, globally. Boosts loading speed on Amazon Redshift by up to 10x over traditional methods. More info.

CopperEgg's RUM solution

Product name: CopperEgg Real User Monitoring

Key features: provides complete, real-time visibility of end user experience, integrating tightly with CopperEgg server, website, and application monitoring for public, private or hybrid clouds. More info.


Product name: JumpCloud

Key features: Launched in September, JumpCloud manages your cloud servers. A SaaS-based service that automates your ongoing server admin headaches such as managing users, patches, and security. More info.

Librato AWS CloudWatch Integration

Product name: Librato AWS CloudWatch Integration

Key features: An AWS infrastructure monitoring solution that integrates with AWS CloudWatch and gives companies a powerful way to monitor their AWS infrastructure and correlate CloudWatch metrics with application specific metrics. More info.

ExtraHop for AWS

Product name: ExtraHop for AWS

Key features: spans on-premises and cloud environments in a single management pane, accelerating AWS adoption by identifying applications for migration and then optimizing their performance, availability, and security. More info.

Nasuni Filer Storage Controllers

Product name: Nasuni Filer Storage Controllers

Key features: Nasuni Filer storage controllers are now available in: on-site VMs, Cloud VMs, and hardware Filers with SSD and HA drives. Filers are part of the Nasuni service and not stand-alone devices. More info.


Product name: CloudCenter

Key features: CliQr enhances IT-as-a-Service capabilities with multi-user shared storage, role based access control and self-service private app store. More info.

CloudCheckr Pro

Product name: CloudCheckr Pro

Key features: provides AWS users with automated and customizable cost, security, best practice, and change monitoring reports and alerts. New features include: Detailed billing analysis to facilitate complete cost tracking and allocation, and dozens of new best practice checks. More info.

Intigua AWS Management Module

Product name: Intigua AWS Management Module

Key features: Intigua automatically discovers and configures rogue VMs on Amazon EC2 and vSphere with the right operational management stack, ensuring hybrid workloads are properly governed and controlled with proper IT policy. More info.

Redis Cloud

Product name: Redis Cloud

Pricing: Free up to 25MB for all instances; pricing above 25MB begins at $8 for 100MB, $20 for 250MB, $75 for 1G, or there is a pay-as-you-go option for $375/month plus usage

Key features: offers enterprise-class Redis for developers, providing infinite seamless scalability, true high availability, stable top performance and zero management. Over 1,000 paying customers operate Redis databases over Redis Cloud. More info.

Skytap Cloud Dev/Test Environments on AWS

Product name: Skytap Cloud Dev/Test Environments on AWS

Key features: Customers can rapidly and repeatedly deploy development and test environments on AWS infrastructure using Skytap’s complete SaaS offering to automate the build, deploy and test life cycle. More info.

Zadara elastic NetApp Private Storage for AWS

Product name: Zadara elastic NetApp Private Storage for AWS

Key features: makes available NetApp’s FAS hardware at AWS using dedicated drives, vServers and separated networking – delivered instantly as a dynamic, elastic cloud based service. More info.

Syncsort Ironcluster: Hadoop ETL for Amazon Elastic MapReduce- Release1

Product name: Syncsort Ironcluster: Hadoop ETL for Amazon Elastic MapReduce- Release1

Pricing: 1-10 nodes: No charge for Ironcluster, online support

1-50 nodes: $10/hour, direct support

51-100 nodes: $20/hour, direct support

Unlimited nodes: $30/hour, direct support

Key features: Designed for Hadoop and now deployed on Amazon EMR, Syncsort Ironcluster helps organizations propel their Big Data initiatives, getting productive and delivering results with Hadoop and Amazon EMR in almost no time. More info.

PaaSLane AWS Edition

Product name - PaaSLane AWS Edition

Key features - automatically assesses Java applications for AWS readiness and provides continuous optimization to ensure your applications always perform flawlessly on the constantly evolving AWS platform. More info.

Security as a Service for AWS

Product name – Security as a Service for AWS

Key features – Bitdefender Security-as-a-Service for AWS is tightly integrated with Amazon EC2, and it is purpose-built to deliver high-performance antimalware on Windows and Linux instances. More info.