Real-Time Business Intelligence for Big Data

The combination of SAP HANA, in-memory technologies, and high-performance appliances enable more rapid and better-informed decision making throughout the organization.

High-performance Business Intelligence (BI) enables companies to analyze their bulk data rapidly. Companies that turn large quantities of data into information can gain a clear competitive advantage because Big Data analyses from structured and unstructured data provides the basis for making better decisions faster.

This approach enables organizations to increase agility in the marketplace. Companies increasingly face the challenge of accelerating data flow from existing data warehouse systems to utilize information in real-time.

Real-time access to information allows organizations to benefit from high-performance BI. Real-time access to relevant information promises faster responses to changing market requirements. The provisioning of information in real time raises the prospect of new business processes, which in turn can form the basis for new business models.

Fast access to relevant information thanks to real-time data makes it possible for companies to respond more quickly to market changes and grants executives a more comprehensive view of their customers through cross-selling and stated-preference analyses. Real-time information enables companies to become proactive in critical situations.

Real-time access to information for analytics also allows companies to reduce costs. Accessing information in real time enables faster and more informed decisions, allowing organizations to drive down expenses. Organizations can also more swiftly analyze business processes, which in turn can lead to optimized cost structures. Real-time analyses of time-critical customer behaviors can help reduce the incidence of fraud, particularly for online operations.

Enterprise BI systems typically save data to hard disks and have to reload that data to the working memory for processing—that alone takes time, not to mention the additional time required to evaluate and utilize the data. But with in-memory computing, the data is kept directly in the working memory. The deployment of appliance solutions that combine analysis software with specially tailored and optimized hardware enables substantially faster analyses to support real-time BI for Big Data.

Leveraging SAP HANA, T-Systems supports companies in implementing optimized analysis solutions. Learn more about how enterprise BI systems can support companies in implementing optimized analysis by combining SAP HANA, in-memory technologies, and high-performance appliances to implement real-time BI for Big Data by visiting the T-Systems High-Performance Business Intelligence page or reviewing Big Data Use Cases.

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