Targeted Cyber Attack Prevention with IT Security

Cyber attacks pose potential threats to the existence of even large and established enterprises. Many IT executives are underestimate the possible damages caused by cyber criminals and need to take action to protect enterprise resources.

Whether it’s an enterprise data center or cloud resources, without stringent IT security companies can run into catastrophic problems. Hundreds of thousands of new viruses, worms, and Trojans are created every day.

At the same time, the potential targets for attacks are increasing. The number of machines, systems, devices, and products with Internet access is rising fast, and the use of mobile devices continues to grow.

In the future, companies will have to do more to protect their data and networks. And not with standalone solutions but rather with comprehensive security concepts, which should in turn be a part of an IT strategy. This strategy should include network security as the basis, and should also include secure cloud-based services and secure mobilization of business processes.

Companies should consider security evaluations by strong partners, and put in place programs to create awareness of cyber threats among IT employees. This can be achieved with a clear IT security policy and corresponding training. Certifications and audits can help organizations achieve and maintain quality standards in IT security.

The Global IT Security Risk Survey by Kaspersky found that nine out of 10 companies surveyed have already been the target of a cyber attack. According to Computerworld, some of the largest U.S. retailers are now joining together to share information about cyber attacks to try to avoid the crippling data breach that Target faced last holiday season, which resulted in the loss of 40 million payment card details, plus theft of 70 million other personal records.

But many IT executives are under-estimating the possible damages that can be caused by cyber criminals. The classic risk assessments such as payment defaults and production downtimes are being supplemented by cyber attacks and industrial espionage with incalculable consequences for companies and management. Damages can range from business losses due to a Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS attack) to a damaged reputation due to loss of customer data or even personal liability on the part of management.

The threat of cyber crime is constantly on the rise. Successfully confronting this threat is difficult, with attackers rapidly shifting their digital weapons and tactics. When companies move their business processes towards mobility, collaboration, or the cloud, enhancing IT security is a requirement. But enhancing security is not only a challenge, it can also be a business opportunity.

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