3D Printer Technology That Prints a Game Controller with Electronics

This new 3D printing attachment by Stanford University students, dubbed Rabbit Proto, lays out conductive material along with traditional plastic.


I'm another one of those people who are on the band wagon about 3D printing. Sure the naysayers will tell you it's a way down the line until we see a true manufacturing revolution, but then I see something really cool like this and get all excited again.

This article from our sister-site Computerworld alerted me to this neat video. If you want some more in-depth details go read that article.

Bascically, this new 3D printer attachment developed by students at Stanford called the Rabbit Proto is a 3D printer head attachment that allows someone to lay down functioning circuitry along with plastic, allowing for functional prototypes.

Pretty amazing stuff. Why weren't kids at my college doing things like this?

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