Nebula: The Cloud from NASA – to You

The "Aha!" moment came at NASA, when Chris Kemp was CIO.

The “Aha!” moment came at NASA, when Chris Kemp was CIO. Working at a place he had once only dreamed about, Kemp faced a conundrum: Because NASA scientists viewed IT as an obstacle rather than an enabler, they weren’t getting the resources they needed from IT to do their work. Kemp identified this problem, envisioned a solution and then built it. The NASA Nebula project is a private cloud formed with open source technologies that puts IT infrastructure in the hands of the people building the U.S. space program. Now the founder and chief strategy officer at Nebula, Inc., Kemp is bringing that same empowerment to enterprises everywhere with Nebula One. “The ‘Aha!’ moment – the new application that comes out of nowhere,” says Kemp, “will happen everywhere when people embrace cloud computing.”

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