Home Video Game System with Built-in Beer Tap

The Kegerator Pro 60 goes where few have dared to go before, combining a 60 inch HDTV screen, a built-in fridge, a keg and over 140 classic arcades games.


I have one word to sum up this evolution in gaming and technological convergence, and that is...necessary.

How many times throughout a critical sessions of Call of Duty did you yearn for a cold beer, only to be discourages as the nearest refrigeration device was a lofty 12 steps away? Oh, could this conundrum simply have a solution that didn't involve standing and walking to achieve such a simple yet out-of-reach goal?

Every since I saw the episode of Seinfeld, when during the 'Summer of George,' George Costanza buys himself a recliner with a built-in fridge, and proceeds to waste away his paid-summer off in front of episodes of 'The White Shadow,' I have been pining for such a merging of hobbies.

Well, I couldn't find any good videos for the Kegerator Pro 60, so here is a clip from The White Shadow. Enjoy!

The Kegerator Pro 60 can be ordered at DreamArcades.com and is available for $4,999.00.

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