How the Government Tracks You! NSA Surveillance

This short protest video attempts to explain what the issues are with the NSA spying program to the layman.


We can say off the bat this video is lacking in any in-depth technical details, but that is besides the point. It really is made for the average Mom and Pop who may not fully understand the NSA spying activities. And really, who doesn't love 'The Dude,' in whatever fashion he is used.

This crowdfunded video is produced by Fight for the Future and Demand Progress, and is narrated and executive produced by actress, activist, and author Evangeline Lilly, to explain how the National Security Agency surveillance programs work and to encourage people participate the upcoming StopWatchingUs rally in Washington, D.C on Oct. 26, 2013.

"I want to live in a world where people are free to express themselves without the fear that the government is constantly monitoring them,” said actress Evangeline Lilly, who is a longtime supporter of Internet freedom and privacy. “Mass government surveillance is a dangerous form of Internet censorship, and I hope this video will encourage everyone to hold governments and corporations accountable when they violate our rights."

The dude abides.

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