Education Opportunities Help Attract and Retain Top IT Talent

Fear that IT staff want additional education to help them land a different job is unfounded, recent study finds.

If you are an IT manager, you’ve undoubtedly felt the pinch of the IT skills gap. You’re not alone.

When CompTIA conducted its 2013 workforce study, more than half of the 1,256 business and IT executives surveyed reported being “concerned about the quality and quantity of IT talent available for hire.”

Not surprisingly, many IT organizations choose to close the skills gap with retraining rather than new hires. In the high-demand mobility space, 57% of businesses said they would only retrain or retrain with a few hires and contract workers, according to InformationWeek’s “State of IT Staffing Survey.”

But don’t stop there. Once you’ve retrained staff to take advantage of specific advances, offering them the opportunity to further develop in an area of interest and expertise is one of the most effective tools for retaining talent, according to the 2013 Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI).

Among the 120,000 respondents from 31 countries across the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions, when asked what their direct manager could do to improve job satisfaction or engagement, the top response (aside from salary, benefits, and promotion) was training opportunities.

While some hiring managers are nervous that high-demand IT professionals will use additional training and certifications to seek jobs at other companies, the KGWI findings suggest that fear is misplaced. Of the 60% of global workers who are either actively seeking or considering further training, their number-one reason was to improve their opportunities at their current company.

So how can IT organizations provide ongoing education to their teams? One easy and inexpensive way to help your staff keep up to date with the latest tools and processes is with VMware’s Cloud Cred, a free online skills-building platform.

In particular, the Cloud Cred Tech Mobile badge focuses on the innovation drivers of mobility, BYOD, and virtualization. You can even encouraging your IT staff to form a company team and participate in special team challenges to help them stay motivated.

Another cost-effect way to improve team effectiveness, support staff career growth, and increase loyalty to the company is with the new VMware Certified Associate program. Certifications provide your staff with a common language—here, around cloud, data center virtualization, and workforce mobility—thus reducing on-boarding and project ramp time.

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