Facebook Home's Shallow Ads

These ads promoting Facebook home show how much more interesting your life could be, alone.


I was reading a Wired article that called Facebook's new Home ads propaganda promoting selfishness. Come now Wired, calling an ad propaganda show a real lack of understanding about what advertising is. It is all propaganda, as is most news and all other filtered and sponsored information you receive, including many op-ed pieces from publications like Wired.

What I do find interesting here especially is the first dinner video. The basic idea of Facebook is to keep you in touch with family and friends by posting pics and video and news about your day and how you just washed your dog. But here is a disenfranchised youth sitting with her 'lame' family and finding all the exciting and thrilling things Facebook has to offer you that is so much better than talking to your boring family. Oh the irony.

I don't think the message of these videos is selfishness as Wired has proposed, but how it is more interesting to be alone and wired, than with other people and un-wired. Real people just can't match the fun of fake people and Facebook connectivity. No Wired, Facebook's objective is not to make the world a happy interconnected place. It's to make money, at the expense of inter-connection. Welcome to the real world.


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