Exhilarating iPhone 5S Unboxing Video (and Facetious Fanboi Gushing)

CIO.com's Al Sacco unboxes and gushes over his shiny new iPhone 5S. Sort of.

I got an iPhone 5S, and you didn't, sucker! (Or if you got one too, well, mine is probably better than yours.)

The Best iPhone 5S Unboxing Video Ever

I drove to a Boston suburb and arrived at an AT&T store at about 8:30 AM ET this morning, half an hour after it opened. I waited in line for 20 or 25 minutes, and I got myself a new iPhone. Of course, I got the "space gray," a.k.a., black, version, with just 16GB of storage. But there was no way in hell I was waiting for four hours in the cold outside the Apple Store on Boylston St. in Boston to get a silver or gold version. And the gold version is très fugly.

Anyway, I quickly cooked up this iPhone 5S unboxing video for your viewing pleasure. So, please, enjoi fanbois.


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