Atari 2600 Game Commercials from 1980 to 1983

This video compilation shows a variety of classic Atari 2600 television commercials.


This compilation of classic Atari 2600 commercials is a lot of fun. Some of these accurately represent how awesome some of these games were, some do not.

I'll never forget River Raid and Pitfall, two of my favorite 2600 games of all time. But I also remember watching some of these commercials as a kid, and after getting the games home, felling really cheated and deceived. Like Cosmic Ark and Jedi Arena, two truly terrible games. The rose-colored vision of youth is so easily sullied by Madison Avenue.

There are a few here that I totally forgot about, like Star Master, which I remember liking quite a bit. The best commercial, and maybe game here, is the last one for Star Wars The Arcade Game. At the time, there was coin-op and the 2600, and for some hardcore enthusiasts, PC games. Versions of coin-op for the 2600 were almost always a big fail and very disappointing. Star Wars The Arcade Game was by far the closest to the coin-op game, and was in regular rotation at my house as my brother and I sat on our brown shag carpet, covered in brown corduroy from head to toe, playing this system till we broke the controllers.

This video comes via uberretroguy.

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