New Video, Images of 'A10' Smartphone Show One Big Ol' BlackBerry

BlackBerry's upcoming "A10" smartphone will reportedly feature a large, five-inch display and a sleeker design, rumors that appear to be confirmed by this short video clip of the device.

I just returned from vacation this morning (sad blogger face) and shortly after I arrived at my desk this morning, I came across what appears to be the first video clip of the upcoming BlackBerry A10 smartphone, along with a few "official" renderings of the device's sides, top panel and removable battery cover.

This big ol' BlackBerry—it reportedly has a five-inch display—is expected to be the successor flagship device to the BlackBerry Z10 touch-screen handheld. And rumor suggests it will be available before the end of the year.

The A10 could also pack a fixed, non-removable battery (even sadder blogger face), which would be unfortunate, because the near-constant inclusion of removable batteries and memory-card slots is one thing I love about BlackBerry.

BlackBerry A10 renderings sides top memory card battery door forum member craiggger claims to have seen the device and described it as somewhat like a Samsung Galaxy S4 with the rear side of BlackBerry's Q10. I guess that's accurate; the pictured handset is definitely less boxy, and much larger, than the Z10, though we can't really see its rear panel.

I admit I've become rather fond of my Galaxy S4's five-inch display, as well, so I'd certainly welcome a larger touch-screen BlackBerry.


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