Flickr Android App Gets Gorgeous New Interface, Photo-Editing Tools

Yahoo is determined to be relevant again, and the company's recent Flickr photo-service and app updates, just might do the trick, according to blogger James A. Martin.

Remember Flickr, that once-popular photo sharing service that no one uses anymore?

As of this week, we're likely to see a Flickr revival. Yahoo, which owns Flickr, announced on Monday that Flickr users now get an insane amount of free storage space—1 TB—to store their photos. (And I thought Google was generous, giving 10 GB of free Gmail storage.) Flickr lets you upload high-resolution photos, too.    

The Flickr Android app is also upgraded, and it is now on par with the iPhone app in terms of dazzle. The app home screen is a mosaic composed of your Flickr contacts' photos. If none of your buddies are Flickr users, you see photo tiles from other Flickr fans. It’s a gorgeous, compelling home screen.


The Flickr apps pack an Instagram-ish collection of filters to apply to photos before you upload them. And the software also has a bunch of useful enhancement and editing tools. I particularly appreciate the ability to draw on and add text to photos.

Flickr gives you total privacy control over photos; you can choose by default to not share any images or decide on a case-by-case basis.

The Flickr app could really use an auto-upload feature. And you can’t change your wallpaper from within the app. But with the revised apps and crazy-generous storage, Flickr is clearly on its way to getting its groove back. 

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