Riddick - Official Trailer (2013)

This is the official trailer for the third installment of the Riddick sci-fi film series.


I wanted to like the 2000 sci-fi film Pitch Black, I really did. I'm a sucker for movies like this, and that one really seemed up my alley, but it was not to be. Sometimes with movies, the idea or concept behind them is much more attractive than the actual implementation, which for a variety of reasons falls flat. Event Horizon reminds me of that type of film. Sam Neill? Black Holes? How can you miss? Well miss we did.

Then there was the sequel to Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick from 2004. I thought that movie really hit the mark with where that series needed to head. I loved the Necromongers, and the whole atmosphere and ethos was something i really enjoyed. No I wouldn't call it a 'great' sci-fi flick, but I would call it a good one with tons of future potential for a sequel.

Then nothing happened, for um, 9 years. I thought the adventures of Riddick were long gone, as he opted for more for things that were fast and furious, and not so much off-world action. And then bam, out of the blue here is the trailer for Riddick coming out this fall.

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