The Modern Tablet was Envisioned in 1994

This Knight-Ridder promotional video from 1994 predicts, in amazing accuracy, the modern tablet.


This video has been floating around for a while, and it has much relevance today especially in light of Apple's lawsuits over the iPad. But I thought I would call it out for any that may have missed its first go-around the web sphere.

There are a few key lessons in life many young people eventually learn, while many others will continue with certain pre-conceived delusions for most of their lives. The number one lesson for most to learn is a harsh reality of our current society. It follows.

That the most original, creative, intelligent and forward-looking people and companies are rarely the successful ones. It’s the ones that come after, the people and companies who have more business-savvy who can take the ideas of those brilliant innovators and original thinkers and turn them into successful products. (This happens in music as well, so the phenomenon isn't just in business)

This sad state of success is repeated endlessly over the past few hundred years, from Edison to Tesla, from Xerox PARC to Apple, from Knight-Ridder and Roger Fidler to the iPad, you can see this situation repeated over and over. There can be many theories around why this is. Feel free to ruminate on why.

But for your illumination, here is the Apple iPad envisioned to a tee in 1994, as was most of Apple's other technologies it 'claimed' to invent, ones that were lifted from Xerox PARC much earlier (the mouse, the GUI, etc.).

Hey, good for Apple for making a business out of what others could not, no one can fault them there, but shame on them for trying to dupe the public and courts into thinking they invented this stuff.

It's tough being a trendsetter.

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