BlackBerry Kills Off Awkward and Annoying BBM Music Service

The day the misguided BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Music service was announced in the summer of 2011,'s Al Sacco predicted its demise. Today, BlackBerry announced it is discontinuing the BBM Music service in June.

The day BlackBerry, then Research In Motion (RIM), unveiled its BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Music service in the summer of 2011, I boldly stated that the service was destined to fail

Screen Shots of RIM's New BBM Music Service

Despite a number of reader comments blasting my opinions and a call from the BBM Music product manager, who wanted to know why I felt so strongly negative about the product and to tell me that my opinions weren't really representative of the target BBM Music user, my predictions of doom proved to be accurate. BlackBerry is killing of BBM Music on June 3.

I'd been using BBM Music for a couple of days before its official launch, and that's how I knew BBM Music wasn't long for this world. The service lets you pay $5 a month for access to 50 cloud-based tunes. And you also get to listen to any of your BBM friends' 50 tunes, while sharing your music with them. In other words, the service was focused on sharing music instead of listening to the music you actually wanted at any given time.

Therein was its fatal flaw.

Screen Shots of RIM's New BBM Music Service

I'm not going to rehash all the reasons why I knew BBM Music would fail. You can read my post from August 2011 if you want to. But the fact is that BBM will be no more after June 3, and BlackBerry is now pushing the Rdio Internet-radio service, which seems to suggest that we'll see an Rdio app coming to BlackBerry 10 soon.


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