Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Cheating on Android with BlackBerry (GASP!)

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt is cheating on his company's own mobile platform, Android, with a BlackBerry smartphone. At least that's what most of the media outlets reporting on the story would have you think.

Sometimes I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm a member of the media. I love journalism. I love reporting. And I love writing. But I hate how some of my fellow members of the press repeatedly rehash the same "news," that wasn't really news in the first place, year after year, in the interest of the Almighty Page View. It's part of The Game these days, I get it. But I still hate it.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt with BlackBerry

Case in point: A story that's circulating throughout the blogosphere this morning about Google's Eric Schmidt using a BlackBerry.

Guess what? Eric Schmidt has been using a BlackBerry for years. He's not hiding it. In fact, he's been very honest about why he uses a BlackBerry: The keyboard. That's it. Plain and simple. Nothing here to see, ladies and gentlemen, please keep moving.

But every year or so, some media outlet presents the story as news and as some sort of scandal, as if Schmidt's admission that he actually likes using a BlackBerry is akin to some lurid sex scandal involving young children, jello and a caged animal or two. Then countless other websites just run with.

Shame on you, Mr. Schmidt! How could you do this your beloved Android?!?

Nearly four years ago—four years—I wrote a blog post about how it's no big deal that Google's Schmidt uses a BlackBerry. Hit this link if you want to know why. Or maybe I should just repost that entry as if it was brand new and something to get all excited about. I'd probably get more traffic than I will from this post…


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