Was the Destruction of the Death Star an Inside Job?

Can it be possible that the explosion that caused the destruction of an Imperial star base was an inside job?


There have been many disturbing events throughout human history. In many cases, how those events have transpired and come into being is not always apparent to the casual observer. Many will tell you the JFK assassination simply could not happen as the Warren Report postulated. Many will tell you of the questionable assumptions behind the 9/11 tragedy and where accountability for these horrific events may lie. Many more will tell you stories of the Illuminati and shadow conspiracies secretly running the machinery of human kind of the past two millennium.

There is one event, which happened sometime in the distant past and in a galaxy pretty far away, which has never receive the scrutiny it deserved until now. The event I am talking about is the reckless destruction of one of the great engineering achievements of man known as 'The Death Star.' This legndary space station was somehow single handedly destroyed by a scrappy youth against all logic and odds, and yet no one has begun to even question how a lone, mentally-deranged terrorist could possibly pull off such as statistically improbable act. Until now.

This video comes via Graham Putnam. Thank you Graham for shining a light on this terrible tragedy.

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