BlackBerry Z10 Video Review

This video shows a short review of the new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone.


This review shows some of the basic features and functionality of the new Z10 smartphone and the BB10 OS.

My opinion here is Engadget is a little harsh on their review, I would give the Z10 higher marks. Yes the apps are by far the big short-coming here, and not having such basic apps as Netflix is unacceptable, and BB will never find consumer interest without critical and popular apps here.

That being said, BB10 has some major innovations and improvements, from the virtual keyboard to the message hub, if you actually use your BB for work and not just to play Angry Birds, there is a lot to like here. No I probably wouldn't turn in my personal Galaxy S3 for this, but I would turn in my work BB Bold and trade up to this device. I think the hardware design is beautiful, and love the fact they are not trying to lock me out of changing batteries or using obnoxious 'pentabular' screws to force me into full hardware upgrades within a year+ like some other companies.

BB may be the butt of people's jokes right now, but those same people are the ones who seem to be driven by image and popularity, and don’t seem to be looking at what matters here, hardware and software. And on those lines, the BB Z10 has some serious legs. No, it may not be able to contend quite yet with the front runners, but I would take this bad boy over a Windows 8 Phone any day of the week.

This video comes via engadget.

If you are looking for a real in-depth hands-on review of this phone, in much more detail and with much more expertise than I or engadget can provide, check out this review by Al Sacco.

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