New BlackBerry 10 Virtual Keyboard and 'Story Maker' (Video)'s Al Sacco shows the new BlackBerry 10 virtual keyboard in action, describes an innovative new BlackBerry "Story Maker" video-montage feature and shares a Story Maker clip he made during his BlackBerry Z10 review process.

In my uber review of the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone, the Z10, I spotlighted two fantastic features that really caught my eye: The new virtual keyboard and a new multimedia features called Story Maker. Check out the above video for a look at how the touch keypad and its predictive text work together to make it the best virtual keyboard on the market today. And I made the 1080p HD video you see below in about 10 minutes using BlackBerry 10 Story Maker. (For more details on the BlackBerry Z10, read my full hands-on evaluation.)


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