Cube 3D Home Printer

This short promotional videos shows the Cube home 3D printer in action.


3D printing has made it to the home with the new Cube 3D printer. This one color printer is intended for home use and starts at $1299. There is also a more 'prosumer' home version called the CubeX which has multi-color printing and retails for $2499. The future is now people.

Looks like this product won a CNET Best of CES 2013 award in Emerging Tech. Luckily this company does not seem to be in litigation with CNET parent company CBS, and unlike the Dish Hopper, was not taken out of the awards category after CBS executives put the kibosh on the Hopper. It would be nice if prior to each CNET award season we could get a list of 'approved' CBS winners so we know ahead of time who is and who is not eligible for awards.

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