Can the Xperia Z Smartphone Make Sony Matter Again?

Sony has had quite the ride from industry high-flyer to tech has-been. Can the new Xperia Z smartphone make Sony seem cool again?


In a small way, I feel sorry for tech companies. No, not for the bags of cash and ridiculous bonuses their senior execs make, but for the relentless speed and pace of innovation that they all must maintain to stay competitive and relevant. It really is a brutal and unforgivable business.

In another small way, I feel sorry for Sony. This is a company that was the end all be all of technology not 10 years ago, hell not 5 years ago they were still a major innovative force in many types of consumer electronics. When I used to go out and look for a TV, it was a Sony Trinitron. When I wanted a portable cassette player, it was a Sony. Looking for a video game system, the Playstation 1 was in my honest opinion the greatest console system of the last 15 years. Home receiver? Sony. What didn’t they do that was great and that you couldn’t depend on?

Now, I avoid any and all products with the Sony name attached to them. I think they are sub-par overpriced products for non-tech savvy consumers who don’t know any better than to get a Samsung LED or a Panasonic Viera Plasma. I was disappointed in the Playstation 2 in so many ways, the fact they tried to roll out a home media center instead of just a great video game console, how they basically handed the console market to Microsoft by sitting on their big behinds while MS beat them to the punch. (Who would have imagined that MS would have ever controlled the platform gaming market 10 years ago?)

This all may seem pretty cruel and unforgiving, and maybe I am not giving Sony its fair shake, I'm just letting you know how I used to feel about Sony, and how I feel about them now. They lost my trust in them. They lost my faith in them. Like mysterious WMD's that never seem to exist no matter how much we try to make them real, Sony had not had a homerun in the consumer tech space in a long, long time. And Sony in mobile or Sony in smartphones, please, they were never even playing in the same stadium as those other guys.

So along comes the new Sony Xperia Z, and could it be that Sony may be back and may be an actual player in the highly competitive smartphone space? Based on specs and looks alone, this looks like a killer phone. It has a 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor driving Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, a 13 megapixel camera, a 5-inch screen, and a beautiful form factor and design. I honestly think it is the most attractive smartphone I have seen yet. Wait, did I just get excited about a product from Sony?

But, the real question is, does Sony have the rep, business savvy and strategy to make it as popular as the specs and design say it should be? Only time will tell.

There is not much in the way of reviews out there for this yet, when there is I will post one. This is a short corporate overview of the phone from Sony.

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