Man Makes Functioning 'Iron Man' Laser Gauntlet

This video shows an enterprising young man who man a fully functioning 'Iron Man' arm laser.


I played this video with a dubious feeling that I was being cheated. Man, this thing will look ridiculous, not really do anything, and this will be a huge waste of my valuable editorial time. Boy was I wrong. This is stone cold cool, and the fact that this thing really works and fires off an actual laser that blows things up, I was impressed.

A young German man named Patrick Priebe, 29, of Germany, posted this video of his "Iron Man Laser Gauntlet" equipped with two 1.2W blue lasers and another two 4-mW red lasers.

Now, it took his GF dumping him to get the inspiration for the gauntlet, which Priebe said cost him $650 and about 130 hours to build. After posting the video on YouTube he sold it for about $2,660.

Now, go use that money to find a new girlfriend.

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