14 Smartwatches That Are Here, Coming or Rumored

Gentlemen, wind your smart watches!

Get ready, here come the smart watches. Actually, some with varying degrees of smarts are already here.

There will be a onslaught of new smart watches this Fall, including, possibly, the long rumored iWatch from Apple and the xWatch from Google. The is CIO.com feature reviews what's here and what's coming.

I suspect they will be iPhones and iPods that happen to conveniently attach to your wrist. Unless you're into watches as jewelry, the primary function is no longer just to tell time since just every digital device already does.

I wonder for those who grew up with smart phones if the whole idea of a watch is foreign.

The good news is given a watch is affixed to one's wrist so it's less likely you'll lose it than say a wallet or smart phone. Maybe, your watch will be your smart phone and wallet rolled into one.

What was saying in the SNL skit? "It's a floor wax. No, it's a desert topping."

14 Smartwatches That Are Here, Coming or Rumored

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