Customizable Translucent Keyboard and Eye Tracking Peripherals

These two forward-looking peripherals give you a customizable IR LED keyboard and eye-tracking navigation system.


The parade of cool tech just doesn't stop from CES 2013 this year, and I found both of these quite interesting and forward looking.

First up is the Luminae Keyboard and Touchpad from TransluSense. This one started as a Kickstarter project and is gearing up for production as we speak. It senses your finger touch on the glass surface, and translates motion into input using their Frustrated Total Internal Reflection (FTIR) technology. There are no moving parts in this keyboard, and the surface can be customized with your own custom keyboard film which you can create online.

Second up is Rex from Tobii, a eye tracking navigation system that allow you to move your cursor, open programs and apps, and scroll, all by tracking your eye movements. The Tobii Rex looks like a small speaker that plugs in via USB. The possibilities here are endless. Are you still using touch? How 2012 of you.

I want to make one disclaimer on this video. The host Trisha Hershberger has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I picked up this video. I consider the implication that I am anything less than chaste in my choice of video to aggregate as a major insult.

This video is via SourceFed.

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