Man of Steel Official Trailer

This is the second official trailer for Man of Steel directed by Zach Snyder.


Ah movie reboots. They are quite the rage nowadays.

Lacking in any truly new or innovative ideas, the Hollywood money-making machine gleefully churns out an eternal series of reboots that has no real end in sight, while in fact this trend is really just gaining steam. In most cases, I am a big fan. Who doesn't want to see their favorite super hero or childhood idol put in a modern context with big budgets and lots of CGI? Usually, this is the case as we all happily wait the next re-envisioning of our favorite characters, games and myths.

Then there are the questionable decisions that seem to be lacking in any artistic framework or credibility, and really seem to be a pure greed play. Take the new Spider Man franchise. Wasn’t the last Spider Man movie about 5 minutes ago? Did we really need a whole new reboot this soon? I think a few more years wait would have been appropriate. But there is money to be made and we wouldn’t want to stop people from gouging themselves with buckets of cash too much.

Weird things happen sometimes too that confuse the average simple minded movie goer like me. Like, what happened to the last Superman reboot, Superman Returns? I thought that was decent, maybe not great, but had potential. It made some scratch too.

So, my curmudgeon ways aside, I do like Zach Snyder, oh and Chris Nolan too, so this one does look pretty good. Just make a trilogy out of it already please so we don't reboot this one yet again in 5 years, I don’t think my brain can handle yet another face-changing super hero.

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